M. Alice LeGrow

Updates From the Tower

Cleveland Concoction!                                                 Feb 21, 2015 

Heads up to Ohio friends...I'll be the Artist Guest of Honor at Cleveland ConCoction this March 13-15th!  The theme this year is 'Steampunk Alice in Wonderland.'  And I'm bringing an AMAZING display and secret project for y'all to check out!  So book passage on your nearest airship and get your tickets now!

You can also buy the official t-shirt at the convention, featuring original art that I did for the convention!


New Riddle Road 6 & 7!                                                 Dec 1, 2014

The latest issues of the Bizenghast ashcan sequel, Riddle Road, are now on sale in my shop!  Check it out now for some mind-blowing revelations about the crew of the Mausoleum, long-hidden secrets and people angrily eating bricks!


Bloggerghast is Live!                                                   Sept 14, 2014


Big news!  A new daily online series has just started up, called Bloggerghast...comprising daily records kept by the new staff of the Mausoleum, Bloggerghast is made up of all the day-to-day reports from the town of Bizenghast...what's going on in town, what's happenening in the mausoleum, and even news and events from other guilds around the world, as they broadcast across the top-secret afterlife radio frequency!  New guild records, maps, secrets, past archives, radio transmissions and art will surface, along with the daily news of life in the Mausoleum!

Bloggerghast is updated every single night, at 7:30PM EST.  You can also fund Bloggerghast, in order to help us raise the money to start a brand-new regular web comic series, as well as gain access to the Bizenghast post office and send letters to anyone in Bizenghast...and get a reply!

Check out Bloggerghast here, and please take a look at the Patreon page here, where you can sign up to become a patron for as little as a dollar a month.  You'll be supporting something great, to get something even better!  Thanks!


New Poison Apple Prints!                                            June 23, 2014

Three brand-new designs have been added to my Poison Apple print collection here in my storeSnow White, Jasmine and The Snow Queen are now available in full fabulous color, or artsy black and white!  Best of all, they're Buy One, Get One Half Off, so you can collect the whole set!

art block

Click here to hit up the sale!

Eliza Shirley House Visit!                                            June 23, 2014

THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Our princess party visit to the Eliza Shirley House homeless shelter in Philly went amazing!  The kids were SO excited to receive all the wonderful things that your donations bought for them!  Check out the post on my princess blog, How Wonderful!, to see all the photos and cool things from the party!