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Updates From the Tower

New Poison Apple Prints!                                            June 23, 2014

Three brand-new designs have been added to my Poison Apple print collection here in my storeSnow White, Jasmine and The Snow Queen are now available in full fabulous color, or artsy black and white!  Best of all, they're Buy One, Get One Half Off, so you can collect the whole set!

art block

Click here to hit up the sale!

Eliza Shirley House Visit!                                            June 23, 2014

THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Oouur princess party visit to the Eliza Shirley House homeless shelter in Philly went amazing!  The kids were SO excited to receive all the wonderful things that your donations bought for them!  Check out the post on my princess blog, How Wonderful!, to see all the photos and cool things from the party!


Back From A-Kon 25!                                                  June 9, 2014

Had an AMAZING time at A-Kon 25 in Dallas this weekend!  Thanks to all the incredible fans who came out to meet me!  I especially loved the Bizenghast cosplayers and the girls with the stuffed Edaniel and Mausoleum cookies!


I'll be doing a full report with pictures in just a bit, so stay tuned!

 New Webcomic Series Coming Soon!                      

GASP!  I new double-deature web-comic series is coming to Bizenghast.com!  The Elephant Book continues its second volume right here...as well as a new horror series, Dark House

Drawing Backgrounds Class!                                  

Check out my page on the class I'll be teaching soon on Skillshare...it's all about learning the basics and not-so-basics of drawing backgrounds in perspective. No need to fear backgrounds and scenery, when you know the tricks to doing it easily! Check the page and then enroll soon...the course is just 20 dollars, but the first 100 students to use the discount code EDANIEL will get a 10% discount!

The Princess For Hire 

Just a reminder that you can still visit my princess blog, ThePrincessFor Hire.com, while I set about adding it to my website.  If you've ever wondered about the secret lives of people who entertain as princess characters at little kids' birthday parties, then you have too much free time on your hands.  And you can spend it reading my party princess blog!  See what The Huffington Post called "illuminating" and "quirky," then check out my NPR interview with Jacki Lyden on 'All Things Considered'!

Huffington Post Article

NPR Video Segment and Interview