M. Alice LeGrow

The Elephant Book

Synopsis Release Date: April 2013

The Elephant Book is a new graphic novel series by M. Alice LeGrow, the first volume of which was recently successfully funded through Kickstarter and will begin shipping in April of 2013.  Copies will be made available for purchase through this site's store!

When two young people named Williams and Fairfax wake up in a cheap motel with no memories, they have no idea they're about to be torn between two covert groups: the Free Will Society, an organization with a closely guarded secret about humanity's talent for invention; and Artifex, a group dedicated to exposing them.  Even if they come to terms with the war between these bitter enemies being waged across the city of Philadelphia, our two heroes will never believe when they find out the secret of how humanity has shaped this world...not with its hands, but with its mind.

Full of action, adventure, fantasy and crab fries, The Elephant Book is about the power of human imagination and invention.  It's sure to be your #1 favorite series that stars a snack-hungry diva, a paranoid neat freak, a thing that lives in a vacuum cleaner and the most infamous fan fiction character of all time (narrowly edging out Mary Sue).  All other series which star this combination of characters will be #2 or lower.


Bizenghast: Riddle Road

Synopsis Release Date: On Sale Now!

TOKYOPOP's longest-running american manga is back! The eight-volume graphic novel series by M. Alice LeGrow continues in Riddle Road, a classic ashcan zine format, combining prose and art to tell the further adventures of Dinah and Vincent. These new stories are taken directly from the original Bizenghast scripts for seasons two and three of the series, and have already gotten rave reviews from fans!

Each zine has puzzles and select pieces of artwork included, from original concept art to the comic adventures of David and Valerie, the genderswapped heroes of a reverse Bizenghast, plus a new Babbleghast cipher for you to decode and read the messages hidden in each volume! Each volume is printed individually and signed by the author.

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Riddle Road Puzzle Solutions